Sunday, January 8, 2012

Hubby's B-day Week

My husband celebrated a birthday last week and I gave him a little something each day of his birthday week until his birthday.  Inspired by this post on quick sweet treats from The Dating Divas, I picked out 4 small items I knew he liked and attached a card to each.  Because I used a couple of phrases that were different and for continuity's sake, I created my own cards to attach to each gift.  I also wrote a personal note for hubs on the back of each card.

I "soda" think you're great!  I left this in the fridge for hubs to find.

I'm "nuts" about you.  I used Goobers for this rather than a can of nuts.

You're my "lifesaver."

I love you to "pieces."

I love these cute and simple ways to say I love you!

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