Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A Money-Saving Christmas: 8 Ways to Save on Wrapping Paper

Pretty wrapping paper for Christmas can be relatively expensive and will eat up quite a bit of your Christmas budget if you are not careful.  Here are several tips for saving money on this pricey necessity.

1. Purchase wrapping paper at after Christmas sales.  Wrapping paper is often marked down 75-90% off.  Beautiful, pricey paper can often be found for $1 or less.
2. Purchase wrapping paper at dollar stores.  Decent quality wrapping paper can often be found at the Dollar Tree.  Character wrapping paper for kids is often available.  Look at the square footage to find the best deal.
3.  Use paper bags that have been turned inside out or kraft paper to wrap presents.  Tie a 'ribbon' using twine or raffia and accessorize with things from nature (pinecones, pine needles, etc.).  You could also use stamps, leaf prints or sponge paint to create a design on the paper.
4. Use the Sunday comics.  Sunday comics are usually in color and make an excellent paper for wrapping.
5. Use empty food containers for wrapping.  Empty Pringles cans, Crystal Light containers or spaghetti jars can be covered with scrapbooking paper and used to hold small gifts.
6. Save gift bags.  Never purchase gift bags--simply hold on to the bags you receive for Christmas and remove any tags.
7. Use shredded colorful magazine ads for stuffing.  Instead of purchasing shredded paper to line a gift basket or place in the bottom of a gift bag, simply shred the sales ads from the paper and use this as your base.
8. Use old Christmas cards or paint chips as gift tags.  Simply cut out designs from the front of a Christmas cards or cut paint chips into a Christmas tree shape, then tie or tape to your gift.

What are your frugal ideas for wrapping paper?

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