Monday, September 26, 2011

Menu Plan Monday--Freezer Cooking Edition

Monday--appetizer night: pork BBQ twice baked potatoes (recipe coming soon!), ham and cheese pretzel bites (I made these for a get-together a couple weeks ago and they were completely gone in 5 minutes.  Delicious!  Extras will go in the freezer--if there are any!), leftover quesadillas from Sunday's lunch
Tuesday--kielbasa bow-tie skillet (doubling recipe--half will go in freezer)
Thursday--out to dinner with in-laws
Friday--chicken parmesan fingers over garlic spaghetti with crockpot marinara sauce (extra goes in freezer)
Saturday--grilled pizza with delicious pizza sauce and a double batch of this dough (extra sauce and dough to freezer)

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  1. Here from orgjunkie! Great idea to make double of the dough & freeze half. I always make different doughs in my bread maker, but only make enough for that night! This would be an easy step to simplify dinner another night! Thanks!

  2. Love your menu this week! Would love to have you link up on Serve It Up Sunday, too:

  3. Thanks for sharing your meal plan! I love doubling and sending to the freezer too! The quickest and easiest way to stock it! :)

  4. I like the idea of appetizer night. Very cool!

  5. Nice plans! Makes it so much easier that way :)

  6. New follower from MPM. Your menu looks great! Have a good week.