Sunday, July 31, 2011

Grilled Pizza...and a big OOPS!

Earlier this week, I worked on a BIG freezer cooking session and filled my freezer to capacity.  Today we pulled out 2 of the pizza crusts and homemade pizza sauce.  Instead of our traditional homemade pizza, we decided to try grilling our pizza.  I split the pizza dough into 4 smaller balls and rolled out small mini pizzas, seasoning each side with olive oil and garlic salt.  My husband threw them on the gas grill until one side was crispy and had nice grill lines.  We were worried that our experiment was going to be a disaster--the dough seemed to be sinking into the spaces in the grate.  The dough came off the grill easily though, just a little wavy!  I added homemade pizza sauce, pepperoni and cheese to the grilled side and my hubby threw them back on the grill to crisp up the other side of the pizza and heat the toppings.  Final product:

Deliciousness!!  The combination of the grilled, seasoned crust and homemade pizza sauce was amazing!  I can honestly say I will never go back to jar pizza sauce and we will definitely be grilling our pizzas more often.

Meanwhile, our back-up pizza was baking in the oven inside, just in case the grilled pizza did not turn out as planned.  This is what happens when you turn the oven up because the crust isn't crisp enough, walk away and forget about it until 5 minutes later...

Oops!  Fortunately the grilled pizza was delicious!

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