Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Pinterest Advent Calendar--25 Days of Christmas

I love using Pinterest to bookmark great ideas that I want to try so I have a huge holiday pinboard.  I was worried that I wouldn't get to all of the great activities that I really wanted to do with my kids this holiday season so I wanted to have something at my fingertips to help.  I'm a planner and I love to have a list--I always get everything done when I have a list to work from so I took this idea and transformed it into a Pinterest list.  I created a seperate pinboard for my 25 Days of Christmas.  My kids and I will be doing one activity, craft project or baking project a day for 25 days.  I have printed this pinboard and put a copy on my refrigerator for easy reference.  I have also listed our 25 activities below.
Day 1--Make handprint Christmas tree painting.
Day 2--Create button wreath ornaments for our tree.
Day 3--Make Christmas tree jewel ornaments.
Day 4--Make cinnamon ornaments for our teachers and our tree.
Day 5--Create holiday jingle bell bracelets.
Day 6--Make Rudolph popsicle stick ornaments.
Day 7--Make footprint Christmas trees.
Day 8--Make thumbprint Christmas trees.
Day 9--Create simple salt dough family Christmas tree ornament.
Day 10--Make cookies to share with friends and neighbors.
Day 11--Make hot glue gun melted snowman ornament.
Day 12--Make snowman ornaments.
Day 13--Make painted handprint ornaments for both kids.
Day 14--Make hot chocolate on a stick to share with teachers and friends.
Day 15--Make salt dough handprint ornaments.
Day 16--Make pinecone Christmas tree table decoration.
Day 17--Make handprint Santa Claus ornaments.
Day 18--Make Rudolph Nutter Butter pops.
Day 19--Create popsicle stick Christmas tree.
Day 20--Make handprint wreath.
Dat 21--Create Santa handprint ornament.
Day 22-Make Christmas tree brownies.
Day 23--Make pompom ornament.
Day 24--Make button candy cane ornament.
Day 25--Make reindeer food for Rudolph and all the other reindeers.

I will be sharing some of the projects with you over the next few weeks.  What activities do you have on your pinboard?

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  1. I am obssessed with pinterest! I use it for all my daycare preschool ideas, most of my menu ideas, and hopes and dreams of becoming a better crafter! I love your list! hopefully you can accomplish all of it! I hope to do about half of it :)