Saturday, September 3, 2011

What to do with APPLES, part 2!

So, I'm still working on getting through my 2 huge bags of apples.  My daughter wouldn't eat the last batch of applesauce I made because it wasn't the right color.  It was more of a brownish color than yellow because the apples had turned brown.  This time, I covered them in lemon juice and cooked them on the stove rather than the crockpot.  Because my daughter does not like chunky applesauce, I put them in the blender once the apples had cooled.  Hint:  Do NOT overblend your applesauce or you will end up with baby food!  Despite the fact that the applesauce was more like baby food, it was yellow and it tasted pretty good.  I actually got my daughter to try this batch but she definitely prefers the stuff from the jar at the grocery store. 

What else have I been baking with apples?

Applesauce Bread--This was yummy topped with cinnamon butter!


All 3 of these dishes were delicious!  I just recently discovered Lynn's Kitchen Adventures and I have enjoyed all of the recipes I have tried from her website.  I will definitely be making more of her delicious meals and desserts.

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