Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Freezer Cooking Plan

I am still working on stocking my freezer since I will be returning to work in less than a month (so sad!  I'm not looking forward to leaving my kids!).  I had it pretty well stocked, then Hurricane Irene came through and we lost some of the things in our freezer and fridge.  I have lots of breakfast goodies that I have frozen like applesauce bread and banana bread.  I also have some marinated meat that can just be defrosted and baked, as well as pre-breaded chicken strips.

Personally, I like to do my freezer cooking a little bit at a time.  I love having the extra food on hand for easy meals but I find that trying to prepare food for 8 hours straight is exhausting and difficult with 2 young children.  Lately, I've been taking an hour or two every few days while the kids are napping to prepare a couple of recipes that I can pop in the freezer.  This freezer cooking plan will occur over the course of several days.  Once I finish, I will share pictures and let you know how it went.

My Freezer Plan:
What's on your freezer cooking plan?  What great freezer recipe do you have to share?

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