Thursday, August 11, 2011

Menu Planning Board

As you know, I love to menu plan but I have not always done it.  It makes life so much easier, though.  I don't have to call my hubby to ask what he wants for dinner or give in to last minute requests to go out to eat because I don't have anything planned.  I have tried all sorts of menu planning methods--a printable calendar, a menu planning grid and this blog are just some of the tools I have used.  After seeing ideas for menu planning boards here, here and here, I decided to create my own.

For this board, you will need:
  • cookie sheet
  • spray paint
  • cardstock
  • scrapbooking paper
  • magnet tape
  • scrapbooking letter stickers
 Begin by spray painting the cookie sheet.  Print the header and days of the week cards on this site onto cardstock.  Attach magnet tape onto the back of each card.  Create envelopes for your menu items by gluing 2 small squares of colored cardstock together (I used a scrapbooking scrap pack).  Glue a smaller square of your favorite scrapbooking paper to the front of each envelope.  Use scrapbooking letter stickers to label each pocket and then attach magnet tape to the back of the pocket.  Place all of your pieces of the cookie sheet, as seen in the picture above.  Print your menu options on cardstock,  back with magnetic tape and place in the appropriate envelope to use for menu planning.

This took me less that an hour (minus spray paint drying time) to assemble and will make a great addition to our kitchen!

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