Wednesday, August 17, 2011

How to Save Money Using Amazon

Last year I began using to purchase Christmas presents without having to leave my home.  I quickly learned that using Amazon has a lot of other benefits, as well.  There are several ways you can use Amazon to save money.
  • Sign up for an Amazon Mom account (dads and other caregivers can sign up, as well).  This membership gives you 3 free months of shipping--plus you can earn more with qualifying purchases.  You will also save 15% on diapers.
  • Choose the Subscribe and Save option to save 15%.  You can use this option for diapers, wipes and many household products.  You are under no obligation to continue your subscription.  I always buy products when they are at their best price, choose every 6 months for my subscription and cancel my subscription once my product arrives.  Shipping is always free with Subscribe and Save.  Combining Amazon Mom and Subscribe and Save means you will save 30% off the original price on diapers! 
  • Clip coupons.  Each time you purchase diapers, wipes or household products, log into your account and scroll to the bottom of the page.  There are often coupons at the bottom of the page that you can virtually clip.  The coupon will be deducted at checkout.

An Example:
Cascade ActionPacs 60-count are currently $12.97.  Scroll down to the bottom of the page to clip at $1 coupon.  Choose Subscribe and Save.  The Subscribe and Save option brings the total to $11.02.  The coupon comes off at checkout for a grand total of $10.02.  You have saved $2.95 by using the coupon and Subscribe and Save.  Plus, this is a pretty good deal on ActionPacs.

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