Monday, January 23, 2012

Menu Plan Monday--week of January 22

Last week's menu plan did not go as planned (hence the reason why it's called a plan), as we had a house full of sick people who did not want what was on the menu.  So, tacos were traded for chicken noodle soup and lunchables and sausage went by the wayside in favor of a lighter teriyaki chicken.  This week's menu will incorporate some of the meals from last week that we didn't get to.

Sunday--leftover baked spaghetti
Monday--baked potato bar:  crockpot baked potatoes, cheese, bacon, ham, sour cream, butter, chili; salad (need potatoes, cheese, ham, salad, cucumber)
Tuesday--hot dogs, homemade french fries (need buns, potatoes)
Wednesday--roast chicken, rice, homemade butterscotch pudding
Thursday--tacos (need cheese)
Friday--sausage, corn, mac and cheese
Saturday--cube steak, mashed potatoes

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