Saturday, October 1, 2011

Snack Organization

There are tons of ideas out in blogland recently for how to organize snacks and lunch items.  My daughter gets a morning snack and a snack after nap.  Most of the snacks I have for her are in a high cabinet she cannot reach so I decided to take some inspiration from the many ideas I've seen on blogs recently and create my own.  I simply took a plastic bin that we were not using and placed all of her snacks in it.  Pre-packaged snacks like fruit treats and granola bars are just stacked neatly.  I took Goldfish crackers, snack cookies and crackers and placed them in individual snack size baggies.  I also put small servings of cereal in plastic lidded cups that she can grab for a quick snack before she leaves on school days.  I put the basket in a low cabinet where she can easily reach it.  What a timesaver for me!


  1. What a GREAT idea! I need to be more organized with snacks for my daycare! I am always searching last minute for something when we are having a sugarlow/meltdown! I also wish I could teach them all to just help themselves :)

  2. We have one of those too - makes it so much easier when to know to go to the store - or to just grab handfuls to repack the toddler backpack for outings! Kat :-)