Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Barrette Holder

My daughter wears hair clips or barrettes almost every day to keep her hair out of her face.  Until recently, my storage solution involved clipping matching barrettes together and dumping them in a bucket with all of her hair bands.  In the morning, we would dump the entire bucket out to search for clips that matched her outfit.  This wasn't working for me, so I searched for a solution.  I found a blog that offered a great solution (unfortunately, I did not add it to my Pinterest and I don't remember the source) and a website that sold barrette holders.  Since I wasn't willing to spend $42 on a barrette holder, here is what I created:

To make this, take the glass out of an 8x10 picture frame (from the Dollar Tree) and glue a piece of felt ($.40 at Walmart) or fabric to the picture frame backing.  Cut 4 pieces of ribbon (I had in my scrapbooking box) and lay them across the felt.  Use tacky glue to attach the ends of the ribbon to the backing on the frame.  Once dry, place the backing in the frame.  You are now ready to add your barrettes and clips.  And all for $1.40!

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